Notley Abbey Wedding Photography: Sam & Vicki get married:

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Sam and Vic were meant to be. Set in the stone, two peas in a pod, apple of his eyes, call it what you want, they’ve got it. The fun and happiness these two radiate is palatable and I couldn’t be happier for them. It therefore seems fitting that they chose Notley Abbey to celebrate their day for that old time romantic feeling, so Vivian and Lawrence eat your heart out. The day began at The Crown Hotel in the picturesque village of Old Amersham, it was here I was introduced to Vic’s gold Jimmy Choo’s and where nine- thirty suddenly became twelve- thirty and the madness of finding shoes, flowers and lipsticks commenced. We then moved onto my old school church for the ceremony, Cue regressing into convent school mode (only this time I’m slightly taller and free of the horrible brown uniform) then onto Notley Abbey for the fun packed reception. At the end of the day I was left under no illusion that the secret to a truly fabulous wedding really is an Elton John impersonator complete with daft glasses, your old pub landlord as the master of ceremonies, an open bar and masshoosive beautiful flowers – plus a bespoke Suzanne Neville gown. Thanks for having us Sam and Vicki.

Much love, Marianne & Paul x

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Wedding Photography, Notley Abbey, Cei & Rita get married: Part 1

For Rita & Cei,
Here’s the story of your day.

Church: St. Mary’s Church, Thame
Venue: Notley Abbey (amazing)

© Paul Richardson & Marianne Ford

Wedding Photography at Notley Abbey, Buckinghamshire, Cei & Rita Part 2

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Part 2 of the beautiful wedding of Cei & Rita at Notley Abbey

Photos © Paul Richardson & Marianne Ford.