A Wedding in Ibiza, Part 2 of Hannah & John’s beautiful wedding at Amante Ibiza.

Enjoy a little sunshine with part 2 of Hannah and John’s beautiful wedding in Ibiza at Amante Beach Club I loved their amazing Spanish dancing. This post also includes one of my little slideshows, Yeah, Wooohooo!

Hannah & John: A Wedding in Ibiza, Amante Beach Club. A Sneaky Peep:

The look that says it all, more very soon x

Katharine & Gary, A Wedding in Gaucin, Hacienda La Herriza, Spain, Part 2

Gary and Katharine’s wedding reception continued in Gaucin, Spain. This meant travelling on foot over the Gibraltar border with passports and equipment, Yes, sounds a little crazy and I must admit I took big ‘gulp’ when Katharine told me however we were happy and weirdly excited to take on this challenge, I was just glad I was not driving! Paul and I were well planned and armed with a Gps, a map (Paul is a big fan) and google maps on my phone (I am a big fan) it turned out to be an enjoyable drive in the Spanish countryside arriving well feed cool and happy from singing along to our destination wedding cd ……..’The 100 ultimate driving songs’ cheesy, but great. The beautiful wedding reception was held at Hacienda La Herriza hidden in the Spanish countryside. On arrival guests were literally welcomed with the red carpet treatment as the steps leading down to the main house were covered in a thick red oscar like carpet. Champagne was served in a picturesque area shaded by the trees that still allowed for enough sun to warm our backs and frame the beautiful jaw dropping Spanish hillsides………

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