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I have been so bad at sharing magazine publications so I want to add a few past ones. Big thanks to my couples for sharing their weddings and thanks to the magazines for all your support.
p.s I forgot to scan the covers!

James & Sarah’s September wedding was featured in April’s issue of Perfect weddings magazine:

Claire & Jon’s wedding was featured in ‘You & Your wedding’ magazine:

Nishal & Nikki’s wedding was featured in October 2010 issue of ‘Hello’ magazine:

My Best Friends Wedding,

There will parades in the streets as she waves to the crowds from her car…. It will be remembered in history as one of the greatest weddings of all times ….. No, Its not the Royal wedding, Its bigger and more important, Its my best friends wedding.
This year I have the complete honour of being bridesmaid for my best friend of twenty-two years. Yes, this may be a little girlie for some but I cant wait. Its a big church wedding with all the trimmings. I may be a thirty-four year old bridesmaid but I will be catching that bouquet! I want to use this feature to learn a little about the other side of weddings and planning. It will be written from a bridesmaid, friend and wedding photographers view point and I will also very careful as not to give away any secrets about her big day. So far it has been an experience, we have gone shopping for the bridesmaid dresses and planned the Hen do This has also all been with the help of another wonderful friend Amy also know to many as ‘Henzilla’ (she will hate me for saying that ha,ha) I will also be adding hot tips and great suppliers info along the way so watch this space.
I want to start first by telling you a little about Kiah. We both met at school at the ages of thirteen and over the years we have been in and out of contact through going to different universities and having different friends, (Kiah was more Hippy and I was more heavy metal) despite this our friendship has survived all the bad clothes, bad break-ups, terrible jobs and crossroad moments that we all have as we grow up. We have always kept in contact and our friendship has grown. We are now like an old couple, the equivalent of a snug jumper and comfy slippers. I consider myself very lucky and now of course we have Andrew (lovely fella) and Win (lovely mad dog) to add to this ‘comfy’ package. Bring on the wedding.
P.s I am also one of the photographers so there will be trainers hidden under my dress – such a glam bridesmaid…..