Mark & Nadine, July 9th, H10 Estepona Palace, Spain, Part 1.

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Mark and Nadine were married at the H10 Estepona in Spain. Here is how their day started:
Be sure to come back and check out part 2.

Mark I hope this makes coming back to London a little easier!

The wedding of Mark & Nadine, Estepona, Part 2.

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Part 2 of Mark and Nadine’s wedding…the couple, the beautiful details and of course the party.

One little photo…….

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My blog wouldn’t be complete without at least one photo of my beautiful friend on her wedding day (thanks for letting me!) In the twenty-two years we have known each other she has always hated me taking her photo, but today was different, today I was taking her wedding photos.

Thanks for a wonderful day and for making me your photo taking bridesmaid, loved every minute, not sure I would choose to wear a bridesmaid dress and shoot a wedding in heels again. I think I looked a bit silly trying to hold my bouquet and camera in one hand, not to mention the sprinting in heals with my dress hitched up.

p.s Best bread and butter pudding ever.

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