Folio albums, Freedom tour, Wootten Park.

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In early June I had the opportunity to do some well overdue networking at the Folio Albums Freedom Tour. I also got the chance to photograph my first styled shoot! I loved the mad stampede to get the best photo, Oooooh! Elbows at dawn!

The Brixton Windmill Mural – Grand Opening.

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Last weekend Paul and I went along to the opening of The Brixton Windmill mural (there’s an actual Windmill in Brixton with sails and everything) This was a project that our friend Camilla had been working on for sometime, you name it wind, snow and rain she was out there painting the wall with random members of the Brixton population from pensioners to Brixton prison inmates. Everyone worked together to create a little history (mine was the very wonky ‘o’ part of London) As a gigantic lover of anything old fashioned and sentimental its nice to think that the mural will be around for a long, long time and helps to show the public some of the history of the Windmill. The whole day had a real country fete feel to it and it was easy to forget that we were in the middle of Brixton. Enjoy the photos, I have added a few of friends and their new little additions, I just brought my picnic hamper :0)

Hi and Welcome to my Wedding blog:

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Ooooh, it’s nearly that time of year again, not just for cuddling radiators and festive cheer but for my 2012 wedding highlights! Lucky me as what beautiful weddings they have been. Much to my couples delight three of the weddings were featured on three amazing wedding blogs firstly Love my Dress wedding blog , Boho Wedding Blog and B.loved wedding blog A big thank you to all my wonderful couples for all their work!

The year closes with a bang this weekend with the weddings of Mel & Richard on Friday in Sandwich, Kent and Anne and Tim in Cambridge on Saturday. Then I am getting ready for a cosy christmas with Paul and his family up North. I plan to eat lots and watch all the disney films on t.v, I maybe in my thirties but you are never to old for miracle on 34th street.
Looking forward to meeting some on my 2013 couples in January, until then if you are looking for a wedding photographer and you think I might fit the bill take a moment to have a stroll through my blog or check my website on

I look forward to hearing from you.
Happy christmas x

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