The weddings of Nancy & Tamir, Dancing (part 2)

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Nancy and Tamir finished their day off with lots of dancing, and Belly dancers:

The Wedding of Nancy & Tamir, 22nd May 2010, Kensington, london (part 1)

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Nancy and Tamir had a beautiful coptic orthodox wedding in London. I’d been looking forward to this wedding for about a year as I knew it would have strong cultural influences from Nancy’s Egyptian family. I was not disappointed! The day was such fun, both of their families were so welcoming and I was completely camera happy. The day started at St Marks coptic church in Kensington. We were met by several priests and what seemed like hundreds of people all there for the wedding. The ceremony had several parts to it, not only did they exchange rings but they wore crowns and Tamir wore a long cloak. Have a look at the images and see what you think, I will blog this in two parts as there were so many lovely photos. Many thanks to Damian prestidge who came along and worked with me during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we went off and took some portraits in a very busy and hot St James park: