Where I’ve been hiding for a while…….

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Dear all,
I have recently had some time off and this is where I have been holed up.
Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am stubborn, fiercely independent and I hate to sit still for more than five minutes, so when life threw me this recent curve ball it was hard going not only for me but also for my suffering partner Paul. This photo was taken by him, Its very strange to see it now and it gives my a sinking feeling inside when I look at it but weirdly I am glad he recorded the moment. I don’t do sick well so I really was a shameful patient and I am sure he would not argue with that. Enormous thanks to all my friends that were so great during this time and especially Paul for putting up with my drama’s and for spending hours watching Masterchef and trying to brush the dreadlocks out of my hair.