The wedding of Allen & Janine, St Margaret’s Church, Wiltshire, 10th September 2010,

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This was a real English country wedding complete with beautiful weather and lots of hats! It was lovely to come back to the U.k and shoot a wedding here after working in Ibiza. The wedding was in an idyllic old church which is well know for being the final resting place of Florence Nightingale, This couple were really great, I will always remember this bride as being the bride that discovered on the morning of her wedding that she had forgot to pick up the bridesmaids dresses, she will probably kill me for saying that, but it was part of her character! even the father of the bride was painting the bathroom the night before the wedding, they were all so calm!
The reception was held in New house in Redlynch, an amazing old country house built in 1619 and owned by the same family for several generations, The house was surrounded by rural woodland so it was perfect for some photos:

The bridesmaids dresses!

Her favorite photo from her hen night was on display while they all got ready:

And lots of tea…………

I love this photo of her little sister trying the brides tiara on:

The great cake was made by Janines mum: